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Death, dying & Donuts is an enriching experience.

If you read only one more book in your life, this should be it.

This book addresses all aspects of dying. Dr Colin reasons that dying is possible and he provides a roadmap for those who are dying so that they no longer have to fear death.

"Even as a physician of 50 years standing, I found I was woefully unprepared to cope with the short illness and death of my wife. Colin allowed me to review the manuscript during the last days of my wife’s illness, and I found it immensely helpful. This book will enable the dying and the soon-to-be-bereaved to face the reality of dying with humanity. We can aspire to a “good death” for our loved ones and ourselves."
Dr John Clements AM
"Dr Colin offers a unique perspective on an experience we all must face. Sensitive yet intensely practical, beautifully kind yet directly addressing the fears we all have, this book is essential reading for both carers and those dying. It is written by a man who walks this road every day, and hence is uniquely qualified to equip every person for their personal journey into death. I recommend this to every person facing death that I know, and the knowledge Colin shares brings great comfort and direction to all who are preparing to face death."
Pastor Darin Browne

The Reason

“ as an oncologist, I have always been aware of the tension in those who are dying but don’t know how to. They want to know more about dying but are either too afraid to ask, or when they do ask, no one will tell them.

In our society talking about death is difficult. We have made death seem impossible, yet it is the one thing we all have in common, and it is the one thing we all must endure.

The purpose of the book is twofold. The first is to equip people for the journey at the end of life, so that when this happens in the future, they may have a good death.

The second is to invite people to consider their spirituality and the hope of an eternal life, once this physical life has ended.

My research has shown that people do want to know what happens when you are dying. The research participants said that there should be a “Palliative care for dummies”, but I think this book is better.

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The Author

Dr. Colin dicks

MBChB, MMed ( Radiation Oncology), FRANZCR, MBA, Diploma in Palliative Medicine, MSc (Palliative Medicine)

Colin grew up in South Africa. He attended St. Stithians College and went on to study medicine at the University of Pretoria, graduating. with a MBChB in 1990. After a year in the United Kingdom, Colin returned to Pretoria and after working in General Medicine for a few years went on to specialise in Radiation Oncology, completing his specialist qualification in 1998.

Colin and his family moved to Palmerston North in New Zealand in 1999 where he completed his FRANZCR qualification as well as a diploma in palliative medicine. In 2004 Colin returned to South Africa but there were greater plans afoot and in 2004, Colin and his family migrated to the Sunshine Coast, Australia where he currently lives and works.

Colin’s interest in death and dying started in his school years and continued into his student years, where he was exposed to death in a number of unusual circumstances. As a medical student, doctor and oncologist, Colin has seen the work of death regularly. He knows that we have a future destiny with death, but for now we have an opportunity to live.

Colin believes in making the most of life. He is the founder of the charity and advocates for death education.

The Favour

I have a favour to ask. I advocate for death education. As part of what I do, I have started a charity, to promote conversations about dying and to provide death education.

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