"Thank you Colin"

Larissa Meyer

“Essential reading to prepare yourself for the full journey of life from birth to death…and helped me understand much more clearly the journey that my ageing parents are travelling, thank you Colin.”

"A Must Read"

Henrietta Oosthuizen

Counsellor, Family Therapist, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Trainer, and Assessor

“Are you or a loved one faced with the reality of death and dying? Finding yourself asking questions such as, “Why me? What is true? Where do I come from? Where will I go? What is valuable to me?
In my professional opinion, as a counsellor and psychotherapist and with my personal experience as a daughter who lost her mother to cancer at a young age, I can highly recommend this book to everyone who is confronted with the existential questions surrounding death and dying.
This book will not only give you the confidence to talk about an inevitable and challenging topic namely death, but it will also help you understand the normal challenges faced and even make it a more bearable process.
Furthermore, it may help anyone in their search for the meaning of such suffering when faced with difficult choices. Victor Franklyn wrote in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, “Once an individual’s search for a meaning is successful, it not only renders him happy but also gives him the capability to cope with suffering” (p.14)
I do believe this book was inspired and am grateful that Colin Dicks rose to this challenge when he wrote this book as I believe it will help many others.”

"essential resource that shouldn’t be missed"

Anna-Marie Lombard

“With years of experience, deep empathy and a gentle sense of humour Dr Dicks takes you by the hand and guides you on the difficult path of death and dying.
Whether it is for you, or somebody close to you, this book enables you to navigate the unfamiliar terrain that comes with death and dying emotionally, spiritually, physically and practically.
With Dr Dicks accompanying you every step along the way, Death, Dying and Donuts is an essential resource that shouldn’t be missed.”

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